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Body Painting Fantasy Fest 1 Body Painting Fantasy Fest

Painting process begins by establishing a clear working area with plenty of space. Make sure you have more than adequate lighting. Typical room lighting is insufficient because it works with very small objects and fine details. I recommend you put a table lamp right in your workspace and additional lighting.

Inspect the pieces you will paint. Look for errors, problems, and excess metal or plastic. Delete those parts beyond a file or side cutters.

First miniature white dressing. This mini first protect against damage, will prevent the paint to peel, and will help you see the smallest details of the model. Be sure to apply the background very thin and very uniform. Avoid fine details obstruction.

Paint all the basic colors of the beginning of the miniature with more sections. What you do is reach into the interior parts and paint first. Think of it as layers of clothing. Painting underwear first, then shirt and pants and then finally boots, belt and hat. You work from within.Wash the miniature in a solution of black ink with high humidity. This is a very important step in the process and provide realism to your miniatures. He will take care of this step.

Body Painting Fantasy Fest 2 Body Painting Fantasy Fest

What you do is take the black ink or black paint and add a lot of water so it is very humid. Then wash it generously on the mini. What happens is that the black will flow into the hairline cracks. Make another wash with clean water if necessary. All the washing process added significant details to the model and is particularly good in the coat of mail or large pieces of clothing. It adds the resolution to the muscles.

No evidence of light and dark. Highlighting and dark lighting means to participate in the miniature, for example, people in the thigh, and two shades of iridescent color. human leg has to be flesh-colored flesh color as you paint and add a little ‘white to it. This makes it lighter shade of flesh. Now you’re just a little ‘dab of this lighter color of the highlights of the thigh. You can also do this with a darker color of meat, and dab small amounts of the lower regions of the thigh. Continue this process for any large part of the mini.

Body Painting Fantasy Fest 3 Body Painting Fantasy Fest

Do your job in detail. How to upload the mini makes little mistakes in the paint. You should go over it and correct these and add the final details like jewels in the strip or bar. You must also add paint or texture at the base of mini performed.

Finish assembling the pieces together, if necessary, and spray the entire figure with a matte sealer. This sealer to protect it from damage and keep the colors alive for many years.

About Color Schemes

Color schemes are always a subject of debate and some insist on traditional systems. In general, I paint miniatures in any scheme that looks good. The most important thing about color is that you should try to vary the colors outside the basic primary colors, even if you have your own product. This will give realism to the mini. If we stick to primary colors that the end result often looks like a caricature.

Body Painting Fantasy Fest 4 Body Painting Fantasy Fest

When buying paint colors, I recommend you do some specialized colors like silver or gold metal arms, the flesh of the body’s functions and leather clothing. These colors are almost impossible to mix.

Body Painting Fantasy Fest 5 Body Painting Fantasy Fest

Do not be afraid to be adventurous with color. There is no reason why you can not mix your own shades. Sticking with all the primary colors are okay, but if you do some mini special colors will be much more enjoyable.

Miniature painting has a lot of patience and concentration. But it is hard to do. Once you’ve made some of them having a good idea of how it’s done and you will see exceptional miniature works, games, or just show your friends.

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