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In fact we are fond of painting our bodies since prehistoric times. In past we were used to paint our bodies with materials like natural dyes, paints and pigments. In some cases we used ash, and clay, too.


The markings that the people make on their bodies are thought to have magical powers with which one could ward off evil spirits or the tribal enemies. Such was the thinking in past. The painting of bodies was also coined with celebrating of auspicious occasions like New Year or a dance party. Same practice can still observed in the indigenous populations of the countries like New Zealand, Australia, the Pacific Islands, and certain parts of Africa.


In India the women and men are fond of using Henna. It is a colour extracted from a plant of Henna; it is also known as Mehandi. This type of body painting with Henna has been a fashion in India and the Middle East since many years. People paint their hands and legs and other parts of body with Henna during auspicious ceremonies like weddings. The use of henna or Mehandi has become popular in the Western countries, too, since last two decades.



The art of body painting is not a new phenomenon in the countries of South America, too. People here have been using indigenous materials to paint their body and body parts. They use wet charcoal and other materials available in the local surrounding. In some parts of America, a material known as Huito is used to paint the bodies and faces. Huito is a black dye, and it takes weeks to fade away.

Beauty Woman Body Painting

Since the beginning of time, humans have always had the desire to create art. Through this desire body painting was born, making the human body the first canvass. The history of this craft stretches so far back that historians consider it to be the earliest form of art. Compared to other types of body art like tattoos or piercing, this is impermanent. It lasts only for a few hours at most.


During the ancient times, tribes would often use this during celebrations and important ceremonies. Each color had its own corresponding meaning. Chieftains and warriors commonly had their own styles to indicate their status in the tribe. Around the 12th century, a new kind of body painting known as the Mehendi became popular. The Mehendi is an extremely old ritual that originated from Egypt. It is the art of using henna to paint the body. This type of dye usually lasts a little longer, about a 1-2 weeks before fading. Natives of South America also had their own methods of ornamenting their bodies. They would use wet charcoal also known as huito. Like henna, huito is also semi-permanent lasting for a few weeks.



In today's modern era, this has become a way of self-expression. This has been spurred on by the liberality of modern society. If before nudity was deemed by society as inappropriate and improper, now it is something to be flaunted. In the guise of self-expression and the practice of human freedom, this has become a means of grabbing the public's attention. This is especially effective during protests and rallies. Instead of bringing placards and sign boards, the protesters would instead paint on themselves.



The art of body painting can morph a human being into a beautiful work of art. It can make a statement that words alone cannot express, create a more appealing presentation, and add meaning and significance to an important occasion. It is used not only for the living, but also to preserve the dead. Truly it has attained world wide significance that will last till the end of tim

Next Design Body Painting Festival 2011

Next Design Body Painting Festival 2011 1 Next Design Body Painting Festival 2011

Men Dragon Alien sirens, fabulous fire dancers, in hair Santas and even a labrador retriever vehicle color, you can see all these festivals and more exceptional body painting now annually worldwide.

There is a wide range of body painting festivals today. All are equipped with painted bodies, of course, and they include all types of competitions, but there are a range of skills and size between the different festivals and some others are “family friendly” than others.

Here’s a quick look at the first six festivals of painting the body, when they occur and what you can expect to find:

1. The World Council of Painting Festival

The festival includes some of the body painting professional as surprising to see in the world today. A 3-day program includes dance, music and fireworks and many contests. Lots of body painting here should fall into the category “art” with some body paint dancers simply defies belief. A great event and well worth a visit.

Where: Seeboden, Austria

Duration: Three days

Events include: the World Championship in three categories: competition night for the effects of UV rays, the prices of special effects, classes and workshops, competition BodyCircus (masquerade), live music and dance, photography International and a giant fireworks show.

Line art: One of the best, with an amazing variety of styles and themes surprising.

Family: It is not clear, but it is in Europe, this is not likely to ban children under 18, however, this festival of body painting is not to advertise themselves as child friendly as some others.

2. The Festival of the body of Canadian painting

This is another festival of body painting artists simply magnificent and completed the work. The quality of art is similar to that seen in the World Body Painting Festival. The Festival is the theme from year to year, the latest issue of which “It’s a jungle out there.”Also includes Canadian Painting Council Championship.

Next Design Body Painting Festival 2011 2 Next Design Body Painting Festival 2011

Next Design Body Painting Festival 2011 3 Next Design Body Painting Festival 2011

Next Design Body Painting Festival 2011 4 Next Design Body Painting Festival 2011

Next Design Body Painting Festival 2011 5 Next Design Body Painting Festival 2011

Where: Columbia Nanaimo, British

Duration: two days

Activities include: Painting Competition overall body, a brush and a sponge and airbrush body painting include Championships

artistic range: more surprising, and one of the best together. Very life and fantastic double-take images.

Family Friendliness: Not stated – would be worth making a first call.

3. The international festival of body painting

This festival was held in Mainz, the city more than two thousand years of history. It is located on the river Rhine, has a strong Celtic roots and may have been founded by the Romans in 13 BC. One can imagine that the painting of the body has a long history here, if you remember the Celtic tradition of painting their bodies before battle. Again, the artistic abilities and the area is beautiful in this Festival.

Where: Mainz, Germany

Duration: Festival Weekend

Events include: Contests are special effects, and face painting

Artistic Range: very gorgeous, high artistic skills.

the family is not known, but again, it is in Europe. I would call ahead.

4. Wales International Body Painting Festival

This festival is a bit ‘younger, less established than the top 3, although it has some beautiful works of art to see that they are just the beginning. In addition, the atmosphere is “fun” orinted less “high” art and family participation is strongly encouraged. A big party to consider if you want to do a family trip and see some extraordinary work in progress.

Location: Wales (of course)

Duration: two days

Events include: Hands on demonstrations, terror experts and specialists of flowers

Artistic Range: much smaller and impressive event, and not so subtle, or other creative

Family Friendliness: Very good, in fact, they encourage families and camping, with an “all ages” atmosphere and events designed for young participants

5. The UK Council Painting Festival

This festival showcases some of the less impressive – but funniest – body painting, although it must be said that we did not block the “high art” thing, but more of a circus or a type County Fair outing for the whole family. Fun, casual atmosphere and non-selfconscious allows for some amazing art and purely “fun” of the body to be seen. If you are not a super model and I’d like to get your body painting without worrying about the contemptuous comment, it might be a good option for you.

Location: United Ashford, United

Duration: two days

Events include face painting family character, body painting contest for amateur and professional categories, craft fair, children’s activities, workshops, and “bouncy castle. A.

Artistic Range: fair, plus a family outing is a lot of things to do than make a wonderful art.

Family Friendliness: Very High, announced as the event for the family. lower cost of body painting all the parts – a movie ticket.

6. The U.S. Bodypainting Festival (Or Painting Festival of New Mexico / Bodypainting Competition Council U.S.)

There are certainly some impressive body painting festival and considered this a lot of creative innovations in hair and unusual designs that you will not see anywhere else. An example of the mind is a model dressed in a racing theme of hair spray in red, white and blue behind him, as if flying in the wind. Also, if you’re an American festival of course do not require a ticket. This is not a family outing because it explicitly prohibits children under the age of 18 years.

Where: Alberquerque, New Mexico

Duration: Three days

Events include: demonstrations, workshops, contests, body painting

Art Space: High to Low – it is a mixture of impressive artistic works and make things better unpainted here, if not all the “interesting”.

Childcare: Not at all. We are the United States and nobody can remember less than 18 is allowed.

So my short list of first 6 body painting festivals in the world. Would you take a vacation this year that it is not your usual hum-drum ‘ride? Choose one of these festivals and you can travel light (you know you can just take a pot of paint and a brush for the evening)!

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